Nine Wells   -  Pembrokeshire, Wales


Post 1945

Mutton Farm Caravan Site in 1975

Probably one of the biggest economic changes in the area since the war ended was the steady rise that farming played in the local economy up until the late 1970's. Since then however farming has declined and in its place a growing tourism industry is developing.

Pembrokeshire became famous for its early Potatoes which was made possible by the mild winters and early springs. About a quarter of the fields in the surrounding area grew early potatoes at the end of the 1970's when farming peeked.

The summer of 1976 was a particularly dry one which resulted in those farmers on the peninsula who could, to dig an irrigation pond. It was out of one of the leats for the mill that the present day pond on the way down to Porth-y-Rhaw was built.

The Notorious Nine Wells Bend

With the rise of motor car ownership in the 1900's came increased traffic levels with the consequence that accidents on the Nine Wells bend became a regular occurrence. Not even the service bus was spared which was involved in a head on collision. As many as 3 accidents in 5 weeks were being reported and after much local protest, a 40 mph speed limit was introduced on this section of the road in June 2009. See road accident page.

Access to the coast at Porth-y-Rhaw

The track down to the coast at Porth-y-Rhaw is an official Highway as the National Trusts road works sign (8 Nov. 2007) on the right shows.

However vehicular access is limited to emergency services and local landowners.


Road works ahead (2007)

The rope swing (2007)

Health & Safety note!

After over twenty years attached to a tree branch just below the Pink House, the tug boat rope swing became a victim to 'ealth & safety.

During this time, children and adults, young and old alike had much fun swinging off the ledge and over the valley floor without any major incident. However in 2008, the landowner - the National Trust decided on health and safety grounds, that the rope had to be removed and the branch sawn down.


Time Out

Nine Wells makes for a good starting point for a walk around the coast, either east in the direction of Solva (40 minutes) or west towards St Davids (1 hour).  Here's a BBC information page.

Either park your car at the car park (just before the camp site) or why not arrive by bus -

Bus Time Table  (from 2015)    MON - SAT
(There is no longer a Sunday bus service)

depart St Davids 7:50 8:50 10:10 11:10 12:10 1:55 3:30
School days
Sat & Holidays
5:25 6:00

Nine Wells
arrive/depart for

7:55 8:55 1015 11:15 12:15 2:00 3:35 4:20 5:30 6:05
to Solva, Newgale,
arrive Solva  4 minutes later,  Newgale 15 minutes and  Haverfordwest  40 minutes.
depart Haverfordwest 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:45 4:15 5:10 6:10
Newgale 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 12:21 1:21 3:05 4:36 5:31 6:31
Nine Wells
arrive/depart for
8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 12:35 1:35 3:21 4:52 5:45 6:45
arrive St Davids about 7 minutes later

Note that the Puffin Shuttle (Coastal Bus) Service 400, also passes through Nine Wells - see time table.


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